Sell high pressure homogenization pump

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This homogenizer can be used widely in production, research and technical development of food, milk extract, drink, pharmacy, fine chemical, biotechnology and other fields.
Many kinds of material such as milk or bean milk can be homogenized under high pressure to considerably thin the fat balls in the milk liquid, which makes the products be easy to be digested and absorbed, and improve the edibleness.
This equipment can be used in the production of ice cream to improve the thinness and fraction void of liquid material.
It also can be used in the production of emulsion, glue, fruit juice to avoid the or reduce the layering of the material liquid, improve the appearance of the material liquid, which can be more bright, fragrant and delicious.
The material liquid will be dried into powder by spray drying devices after thinning by homogenizers, so that homogenizers are main devices in powder production.

Type GJB-6/30
Max Pressure (Mpa) 30
Rated Pressure (Mpa) 25
Rated Flow quantity (L/h) 6000
Viscosity of Material (Pa. S) <=0.2
Temperature of Material <=80
Diameter of Feed Pipe 50
Diameter of Output Pipe 50
Inlet of Cooling Water G1/4"
Outlet of Cooling Water G1"
Electric Motor Power (KW) 55
Rotate Speed( R. P. M) 740
Overall Dimension (mm) 2400W1350W1100
Weigh (kg) 2800