Sell high quality Methylene Chloride

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Chemical Name: Methylene Chloride
CAS No. : 75-09-2
Purity: 99.9%(min)
Moisture: 100(max) PPM
Non volatile matter: 10.0(max) PPM
Acidity(as HCL) : 10.0(max) PPM

Packing:In new steel drums.250 kgs/drum or 270kgs/drum,80 drums/20'fcl.

Locating in Zhejiang seaside city Jiaojiang, we have a bulky professional dock, where the 4000MT vessel can anchor, 13270 M3 tank and 5000 M2 finished product storehouses. Thanks to above we can offer very flexible quantity from one fcl 20' to more than 1,000 mts in bulk.