Sell high quality glass lined reactor

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1. Glass Lined Reactor: 50 - 30,000L (Lab-using 10 - 40L; Electrical-heating 50 - 6000L)
2. Glass Lined Storage Tank: 100 - 50,000L (Vertical type / Horizontal type)
3. Glass lined Distiller: 300-3000L
4. Glass Lined Double Cone Gyrate Vacuum Dryer: 200 - 5000L
Glass lined Vertical Librating Vacuum Dryer: 50 - 500L
5. Glass Lined Heat Exchanger/Condenser (Plate type, Shell & Tube type and Sleeve type)
6. Glass Lined Pump
7. Glass lined Pipe & Fittings
All Equipments manufactured by our plant are all:
1. Resistant to corrosion from acids and alkalis.
2. Withstanding mechanical stress.
3. Withstanding thermal shock.
4. Resistant to adhesion.
5. Reasonable Price compared to other material with similar quality
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