Sell high-quality o-chlorophenol

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CAS number 95-57-8
name o-chlorophenol
molecular formula C6H5ClO ClC6H4OH
Weight 128.56
vapour pressure 0.13 kPa/12.1Degree Celsius
Quality indicators
Appearance colorless transparent liquid
content 99% Minimum
Ash 0.6% maximum
moisture 0.2% maximum
Density 1.26
freezing point 7-8 Degree Celsius
Boiling point 175-176 Degree Celsius
Packaging 250 kg per barrel
Product Feature
colorless to yellow brown liquid, unpleasant smell. Soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether and the sodium hydroxide solution to the evaporation of water vapor. A strong irritant, the Book of Changes skin absorption. Rat oral LD50 670 mg / kg.
Supply Capacity
500 tons Per Month
Available Colors
colorless transparent liquid
Power Requirements
6000 tons