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CAS number 106-48-9
Product Name p-chlorophenol
molecular formula C6H5ClO ClC6H4OH
Weight 128.56
Quality indicators
Appearance colorless or pale yellow crystals
content 99 percent Minimum
Moisture 0.2percent maximum
o-chlorophenol 0.5percent maximum
Phenol 0.5percent maximum
density 1.26
Melting point 43.2-43.7 Degree Celsius
boiling point 220 Degree Celsius
Flash point of 121 degrees
Product characters: the white crystals (impure at yellow to pink) . There are unpleasant odour. Can dissolve in water, ethanol, benzene and ether. With the water vapour can be volatile, a strong irritant. In the workshop in the air, maximum allowable concentration of 1 mg / m 3. Rat oral LD50 261 mg / kg.
Packaging 250 kg per barrel
Supply Capacity
600 tons per Month
Available Colors
colorless or pale yellow cryst
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements