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Detailed Product Description
* Atomizing device: 1 pcs
* Battery: 2pcs
* Charger 1 pc 100v AC, 12 to 24v DC
* Cartridge: 5pcs
* User's manual: 1 pc (English)
* Power line: 1 pc, US plug or Europe plug (can be selected)

* Mouthfuls for each cartridge keep 100 mouthfuls
* Nicotine content of cartridge equals traditional cigarette 7 pcs
* Weight of single cigarette: 8.6g
* Nicotine weight of each cartridge: 0.32g
* Length of this cigarette: 84mm
* Battery capacity: 180mAh
* Normal working voltage: 3.3-4.2v
* Full battery can keep for 180 puffs
* Charge time: 1-2 hours
* Battery life: 380 cycle times

Option of Flavors/Taste: Marbo, Tobacoo, Virgin, Concentrat, Pipe, Cigar, Hiltoin, Hiltoin, Banana, Green tea, Black ***** 30 flavors, you can select the flavors which you prefer.

* No tar and other carcinogeric substance
* Harmless to others and the environment
* No danger of second-hand environment
* Can smoke in public place
* Enable smoker painless to quit smoke
* Give up smoking in four steps
* Save 80% smoking cost each year
* No ignition and No fire burning danger
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