Sell high-speed Scan Laser Sub-surface Engraving Machine

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Our high-speed Scan Laser Sub-surface Engraving Machine primarily use the 3D cameras to take the three-dimensional pictures on the human body , and then through the laser inner carving technology made dots in crystal , Many dots to form a three-dimensional images. This type of machine use the import air cooling laser system, so it not only greatly increased the speed of engraving, but also with small light point, carving out digital images of high profile distinctive characteristics, and the working range increase to 110mm, good stability, and Convenience to vindicate. Suitable for large shopping malls, tourist attractions and the place of big population like that make the personalized portrait production .


☉ The speed is very fast, It only take 2 or 3 minutes to engrave a 3D face photograph , Suitable for tourist attractions that make the carving immediately.
☉ The dots is very small, and High-resolution, Carving out a more realistic portrait, three-dimensional feeling strong.
☉ Use the import air cooling laser system. the working range is great, strong stability, ease to vindicate.
☉ No touch processing , and ensure the original crystal surface smoothness.

Technical Specifications

Medium of Laser

Diode-pumped Nd:YAG

Wave length of laser

Laser Frequency

Engraving Speed
50000-60000 dots/min

Engraving area

Scan Laser Head Number

Cooling Method
Air Cooling

Power of Main Machine

Weight of Main Machine

Dimension of Main Machine