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Nowadays, the competition in each industry are increasingly fierce, so we need to incessantly promote our work efficiency, strive for the market development and win business opportunities. Graphite electrodes are widely used in the mould manufacturing industry, especially in Europe and America due to they are capable of fast processing , being easily maintained and little power loss in discharge. With so many excellent properties, they are applied in the fabrication of moulds. It is a trend that the graphite motor shall replace the copper cathode.

Comparison of the properties of graphite and copper :

1) The density of graphite is among 1.8 -1.85 g /cm3, while that of copper is about 8.9 (one fifth of that of the light copper) . The large graphite electrode can lighten the machinery and make the electrode an integral part.

2) Graphite has better electric conductivity than copper, 1.5 to 3 times that of the copper.

3) The melting point of graphite is 3,800 0 , while that of the copper is 1080 0 . The expansion coefficient of graphite is one fourth that of the copper, which means it has small deformation. T he loss of graphi te is one fourth that of the copper.

4) Graphite could be processed rapidly, and graphite electrode could be easily repaired and cut. The processing loss is low and the mould corner is less possible to receive damages. So the efficiency of mould fabrication is boosted, 3 to 5 times faster than that of the copper electrode.

5) The speed of precision processing is even more prominent with high hardness performance. Little processing deformation will happen for super high (50~ 90mm ) and thin (0.2~ 0.5mm ) electrode.

6) Character of graphite:

6.1) Excellent self lubrication.

6.2) Excellent resistance to chemical corrosion.

6.3) Strong heat tolerance under high temperature, higher thermal conduction coefficient, low expansion coefficient, capable of conducting large current.

6.4) Efficient machinery strength and shock resistance

6.5) Easy to to process and capable of being processed into geometry shapes in light of requirements. CNC has rapid machining speed, high cutting performance and is easy to maintain
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