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High-speed processing centre

Specification and features:
High-speed cutting processing is a high-new technology in the 21 st century, which is different from the traditional processing method. By contrast, the high-speed cutting processing has a high-speed main spindle, a fast cutting feed speed, small quantity to be cut, while the cutting output increases by 3 to 6 times in unit time. Having the basic character of high efficiency, precision and surface quality, it is widely used in automobile, aviation, mould fabrication and instrument industries, and has acquired gross technological and economic benefit, being the main component of todays advanced manufacturing technology.
Superiorities of high-speed cutting process mould than traditional process mould

1. Higher productivity

The high-speed cutting may not need the electric processing and manual polishing, and shorten the process route, thus the efficiency of processing is greatly boosted.

2. Better process precision and surface quality

Due to high timeliness and precision, low cutting force, small heat deformation of work pieces and cutting tools, high speed cutting machine has superior precision.

3. Lower heat generated from the cutting

The high-speed cutting processing is light cut with a fast feed speed. The contact length and time of the cutting edge and work piece is very short, so that the heat conduction is decreased thereof. As a result, the huge heat generated from the touch of the cutting edge and work piece in the traditional processing is avoided, the cutting tool is ensured the work condition of low temperature and the use life of the cutting tool is prolonged.

4. Being beneficial to the processing of shell accessory.

High-speed cutting has small cutting force and higher stability, capable of processing high quality thin-wall accessory.

High-speed cutting featheredge accessory

5. Capable of replacing some processes in part, such as electric processing and grinding processing, etc.

The dimensions, shape and surface roughness are important. If the processed mould can not meet the required quality, it will influence the dimensions and shape precision of the mould. Therefore, the processing of mould should leave out the manual polishing to improve the quality, lower the production cost and manufacturing period.
The following graph is the processing course of traditional mould: Roughcast -> rough processing -> semi-finishing processing -> hardening by heat treatment -> electrical discharge machinery -> precision processing -> manual polishing
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