Sell high strength needle punched filter felt

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The filtration of needle punched felt is the composite product of woven fabric and nonwoven needle punched cloth. There is a layer of woven fabric in the middle layer of filter felt. Which effects a reinforced scrim.
The tensile strength and elongation of the whole filter felt is determined by its scrim (woven fabric) . In resent years, some native chemical fiber enterprise had developed and manufactured high strength chemical industrial and filaments. Its single strength is 2 to 3 times than ordinary filaments. If you select this king of filaments, to weave scrim, then the strength of the filter felt earn reach to 1200~1600N, and can gain double lower elongation at the same time. So that can improve the properties of resistance to air pressure and bursting, reducing bags damage and change, at the same time, it also can promote its application in liquid filtration field in quantities. For instance, many bags damage problems took place in some industrial and mining factory were caused by abrasion, filtration velocity, higher pressure etc, so you can use high strength scrim needle punched felt instead.