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This is Leadsun Electronics Co. , Ltd from Anshan, China, which is specializing in designing and producing high voltage rectifier products and power supplies, such as high voltage diodes, high voltage silicon diodes, high voltage rectifier blocks, high voltage bridge rectifier, voltage multiplier assemblies as well as high frequency high voltage power supply.
The specifications of high voltage diodes include:
2CL7X series2CL70, 2CL71, 2CL72, 2CL73, 2CL74, 2CL75, 2CL77, 2CL70A, 2CL71A, 2CL73A
2CL series2CL2F, 2CL2G, 2CL2H, 2CL2J, 2CL2FF, 2CL2FG, 2CL2FH, 2CL2FJ, 2CLFK, 2CL2FL, 2CL2FM
2CL20KV/20mA series
CL seriesCL01-09, CL01-12, CL01-15, CL04-12, CL04-15
HVP seriesHVP5, HVP8, HVP10, HVP12, HVP14, HVP15, HVP16, HVP20
The types of high voltage rectifier blocks include:
Cylinder-shape: 2CL20-400KV/20mA-5.0A
Cuboid-shape with holes and big current: 2CL80-350KV/1.0-5.0 A
Cuboid-shape with heatsinks outside: 2CL80-350KV/1.0-5.0A
Circuit board: 2CL20-400KV/20mA-5.0A
Loop type-shape: 2CL20-400KV/20mA-5.0A
Bowl-shape: 2CL20-400KV/20mA-5.0A
Axial lead-shape: 2CL20-400KV/20mA-5.0A
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Condition of Goods
Power Requirements
2CLZ100KV/0.1A 120KV/0.5A