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The refined raw materials are heated at a high temperature in an electric furnace until completely melted. The melted substance is poured into specific molds and left to solidify gradually, resulting in a fused cast refractory. Compared to general refractories, CSR's products have a very high density and highly duration, and it shows particularly superior qualities of corrosion and erosion abrasion resistance. China starlight refractory Co. Ltd. offers the following two major categories of fused cast refractories.

Alumina fused cast refractories:
Alumina fused cast refractories are whereby highly pure alumina raw material is melted at over 20000C and poured into a mold. Comparing with fused cast AZS refractories, their contamination to molten glass is very low. They are perfect compliments to the AZS rang for sensitive application.
Fused cast AZS series:
AZS series are a high quality Al2O3-ZrO2-SiO2 fused cast refractories, consisting of crystallized baddeleyite (ZrO2) and corumdum (Al2O3) , and matrix glass. It is made by melting refined raw materials through a Heroult type electric arc method under a throrough quality control process.
Ramming mixes
AZS 50V, AZS 06L, AZS 04J three kinds of unshaped refractory materials have already formed a complete set. Through the application of glass solution, durability and function of construction have been to achieve a great improvement.
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