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1. Price List (Annual Contract)

HMS 1&2 (ISRI 200-206)

HMS 1&2
HMS1 (100%)

30,000 X 12 months

60,000 X 12 months

100,000 X 12 months

120,000 X 12 months

150,000 X 12 months

200,000 X 12 months

250,000 X 12 months

300,000 X 12 months


1. Buyer sends fresh LOI in the name of GOWE CORP. with fresh BCL, or at least with complete banking coordinate and permission of a soft probe.

2. Seller issues draft contract.

3. The buyer must provide all information required in the contract and sign the contract and send it back. The Seller will sign the contract and will send back to the buyer via email with hard copy documents via courier service.

5. Seller will provide 2% Performance Bond of the contract/ LC value (as stipulated in clause 5 & 6) to the buyer within 7 (seven) working days from receipt of the Non Operative L/C from buyer, and the said 2% Performance Bond in favour of buyer makes the non operative L/C active automatically.

8. The First shipment will commence no later than 45 (forty-five) days from date issued of the operative Letter of Credit with expected arrival. The remaining consignments will be shipped in each 30 (thirty) day.

9. Payment for each consignment shall be effected within 3 (three) banking days after receipt by the Sellers Bank of all documents required for payment.


1. Buyer will need to issue a Bank Readiness Letter according to the format and text provided by seller. Once this is issued, the buyer will be provided with a site visit and bank-to-bank POP. AQSIQ certificate will be available for viewing during the site visit.

2. Upon returning from site visit, buyer will have 3 banking days to open the non-operative LC according to the contract in favour of the supplier. Supplier will then issue operative 2% PB to activate the LC. Delivery will commence within 30-45 days.


1. Transferable, Confirmed and Revolving LC.

2. Bank Guarantee


Eastern Europe and Central Europe


Maximum commission add-on allowed US$3.00 (Negotiable in special cases)