Sell home appliance electronic controller

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We design and manuafacture electronic controller for electric home appliance manufacturers. We can offer the following services:
1) Offer consulting service about various kinds of electrical products and free samples including function sample, safety authentication sample, and market investigation sample and so on with relative documents.
2) Design electronic controller of various kinds of electrical appliances, such as Toaster Controller, Electronic Oven Controller, Electronic Deep Fryer Controller, Waffle Maker Controller (UL) , Food Steamer Controller, Coffee Maker controller (TUV) , Fan Heater Controller (CE) ,
Ultrosonic Cleaner Controller, Hair Straightener Controller (VDE) , Hair Dryer Controller (UL) and so on.

3) Manufacture and deliver products as required.
Generally speaking, the product designing, sample making, PCB and LCD tooling are all free of charge.