Sell home appliance moulds

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We can make different kinds of home appliance moulds such as TV, video, frig and etc. Pls see the attachment for reference.
We use S136H,738H, NAK80 from Germany, Sweden and use standard components from DME, Progreeive, HASCO and etc. About the hot running system, we use DME, INCOE, Mold Master, HUSKY, Mastip, Synventive and Yudo systems.
The process of mould making is as follows:
drawings/samples from customers-> order review/ technics review->design drawings->design drawings review->purchase of material->processing by machining department(CNC departmetn / wire-cutting department) ->grinding machine department->EDM department->assembly department->quality management department->mould tryout department->deliver the samples to the customers->deliver moulds to customers