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The component of solar system
1. solar panel
 Anodized aluminum alloy frame constitutes a practical square structure, permitting single use or array use.
 Guarantee 25 years life span.
 Dust-proof junction box, and ensure the safe and reliable connection.

 Silver-white aluminum alloy frame, high transmittance toughened glass suede, white TPT substrate
 Typical parameters:

Wokiing temperature 500 Peak power
(Wp) 200W
Short-circuit current temperature coefficient
+0.4mA/0 Open voltage(V) 21V
Open-circuit voltage temperature coefficient
-60mV/0 Max power voltage(v) 17V
Fill factor
70% Short-circuit current
(Isc) 11.6A
Border grounding resistance
<=1ohm Maximum Power Current
(Imp) 12A
Wind pressure
2400Pa weight 14Kg
Insulation voltage
>=1000V size(mm)

2. the controller

PWM or ON/OFF series battery charging
Over-load, short circuit, polarity reverse protection
State of charge(SOC) battery regulation
Battery Ah setting, boost charging, equalizing charging, float charging
Automatic load reconnection, ON/OFF switch.
Automatic selection of voltage (12/24 Volt or 24/48 Volt)
Temperature compensation
Field adjustable parameters by four buttons
Full circuit protection, electronic fuse
LCD display: all system parameters in digital value, system status as symbols

Type EPIP-40 /20A(I) EPIP-40 /30A(I) EPIP-40 /40A(I)
Rated charging current 20A(max26A) 30A(max39A) 40A(max49A)
Rated load current (Ie) 20A 30A 40A
Over load, short circuit protection 1.25 times of Ie for 60secs, 1.5 times of Ie by for 5secs overload protection; >=2 time of Ie short circuit protection
Self consumption Control mode: <10 mA; LED & LCD display (MAX) <10mA, TOTAL (MAX)
System voltage 12/24V AUTOWORK;
Work temperature industrial (I series) : -200 to +500
Battery capacity Battery in parallel from 50AH to 5000ah
Boost charging 14.8V; W2/24V;
equalizing charging voltage 14.4V; W2/24V;
Float charging 13.4V; W2/24V;
Temperature compensation 5mv/0/2v;
Over discharge voltage 11.1V; W2/24V;
Control mode PWM charging mode & ON/OFF mode for options, control point voltage is the intelligent compensation modify of the battery.

3 The inverter

1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
 True sine wave output ( THD<3%)
 Power on-off remote control (optional)
 Input and output fully isolation
 Thermo control cooling fan
 Advanced microprocessor
 Input polarity reverse/ under voltage /over voltage protections
 Output short circuit /overload /over temperature protections
Capable of driving highly reactive and capacitive loads
Tri color indicators display input . output level &failure status
UL /e-13 /CE /FCC approved

Model no G1500-112 G1500-124 G1500-148 G1500-212 G1500-224 G1500-248
Rated power 1500W
Surge power 2000W
Input voltage 12VDC 24VDC 48VDC 12VDC 24VDC 48VDC
Output voltage 100/110/115/120V+3% 200/220/230/240V+-3%
Frequency 50/60HZ+/-0.05%
Output circuit 25A 11A
Efficiency(full load) 85% 87% 88% 86% 89% 90%
No load current draw <=1.5W Saving Mode
Waveform Pure sine wave (THD<3%)
Output voltage range 100/110/115/120Vrms-10%+4% 200/220/230/240Vrms-10%+4%
Input voltage range 10.0-16.0 20.0-32.0 42.0-62.0 10.0-16.0 20.0-32.0 42.0-62.0
Auto- protection SC/OV/UV/OT/OL Protections
Power saving recovery time 5 sec
Interface control port RS-232C
Distant controller options
Safety standards UL458 EN60950
EMI conduction & radiation FCC Class B EN50081-1:1992 e-Mark
Work temp 00~400
Storage temp -30to700
cooling Load control cooling fan
dimension 390(L) *275(W) *105(H}mm/15.4(L) *10.8(W) *4.1(H) Inch
Package 7.0kgs/15.5lbs.

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