Sell honeycomb activated carbon

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Honeycomb activated carbon widely used in adsorption, purification recovery, catalyst carrier and environment industry. especially used in purification for low-thickness and gale of organic waste gas.
1. adsorption, purification of gas;
2. purify chemical products ;
honeycomb activated carbon characteristics are bigger surface, good capability adsorption and air current small of pressure drop etc. that is advantageous for replacement of adsorption the lathe filling, the lathe level is reliable. it has merit which other kind of activated carbon is unable to compare. .
hole density: 100holes/in2 300holes/in2
thickness of wall:0.3-0.5mm
geometric superficial area: >= 750m2/g
bulk density:0.35045g/ml
benzene adsorption: >=30%
crush intensity: longitudinal>1.5Mpa,