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Defect & Physical Specifications for Ceramic Honeycomb

Defect Specification of ceramic honeycomb used for RTO& Heat exchanger

Material: Cordierite, Porcelain
Type: Porous, Compact
Dimensions Quantity of channels Wall thickness(mm)
150*150*300 60*60 0.4
150*150*300 40*40 0.7
150*150*300 25*25 1.0
100*100*100 40*40 0.7
100*100*100 26*26 1.0
100*100*50 40*40 0.7
1. Dimensions Height*Width (150*150mm)
length (50mm,150mm,300mm,450mm,600mm) :
A. Measurement of a honeycomb B. Rectangular to way of Extrusion
tolerance: +2mm-2mm
C. Measurement of a honeycomb, parallel to way of extrusion
tolerance: +3mm-3mm
Test instrument: Slide caliber

2. Entry (sag) : Max difference of a straight line drawing of the sides; tolerance: Max 2.5mm; Test instrument::Tentacle gauge, ruler

3. Bend: Max. difference of a straight line drawing of the length; tolerance: Max 3mm; Test instrument:Tentacle gauge, ruler

Visuals100% of pieces checked visually
1. Web and cell defects:
Missing walls are not allowed to be situated side by side defect is defined with a depth of>11mmMissing cellsPlugged cellsDeformed cellsSwollen webSwollen center postSum of all web and cell defects which is max. allowed:Honeycomb 25*25canalsHoneycomb 40*40 canalsHoneycomb 50*50 canals
Tolerances on quality: Max 5 Max 10 Max 10
2. Face and side cracks:
Rectangular to way of extrusion:Total length of cracksParallel to way of extrusionMax allowed widthCrack is defined with a width of >0.2mmCrack is defined with a depth of >11mm
Tolerances on quality: Max 2 cracks, 300mm long
Max 2 cracks, 300mm long
3. Edge and corner chips
Edge chip
Corner chip
Tolerances on quality: Max 2 chipsLength:<15mm Width: <15mmDepth : <15mm

Cordierite Honeycomb Monolith
Cordierite is a magnesium alumina silicate material, which has very low linear expansion, low coefficient of thermal expansion and excellent resistance to thermal shock. Cordierite also offers an excellent range of mechanical strength, porosity criteria, and excels in cost-effective extruded and dry-pressed forms.
Cordierite Honeycomb Monoliths are divided into two types: porous type and compact type.
One of Cordierite: Porous Cordierite Honeycomb Monolith
Physical properties
No Index Unit Value
1 Cordierite Gross Density g/cm3 1.9-2.0

2 Average Linear Expansion(20-1000C) 10-6/k-1 <2

3 Specific Heat Capacity KJ/Kg 830-900

4 Temperature cycle Resistanc K 300

5 Maximum Application Temp C 1300

6 Thermal Shock Resistance C 800

7 Corrosion Resistance Against Acid % >99

8 Corrosion Resistance Against Alkali % >85

9 Water Absorption Wt% 2215