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Features specification: Ceramic honeycomb

Pro-environment honeycomb ceramics are mainly used as catalyst carrier, heat exchange medium, the filter.
1, As a catalyst carrier, ceramic honeycomb are mainly used for automobile exhaust purification, abnormal smell removal etc. For example, it is used in motor vehicle exhaust catalytic converters, deodorants of hotels, restaurants, toilets.
2, As a heat exchanger media, ceramic honeycomb material are mainly used for the heat recovery unit of RTO.
3, As the filter body, ceramic honeycomb are mainly used for food, environmental, and metallurgical industries. The purpose is to filter particles in gas and metal impurities in the melt or bubble, such as sauce, juice, sugar cane juice; and dust filter in all kinds of industrial emissions.

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Package: wooden box, one box 1 cubic meter
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
3000 cubic meter per year
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Minimum Order Quantity
1 cubic meter