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Honeycomb ceramic : Combined with European standard design and technics. Material:cordierite(2MgO72Al2O375SiO2) , aluminum titanate(Al2TiO5) , mullite(3Al2O372SiO2) , alumina(Al2O3) and some other compound materials.

Application:1. Heat Transfer Media For RTO, Heat exchager;
2. Catalyst Carrier for RCO/Auto and Moto; 3. Electro Heat Equipment 4. Fuel Gas Stoves 5. Foundry FiltersTypes:Square, Round etc.
Three typical Geometric data are as follows for your reference:
Honeycombs with 40X40 channels -- 150X150X300X(40X40)
Honeycombs with 50X50 channels -- 150X150X300X(50X50)
Honeycombs with 60X60 channels -- 150X150X300X(60X60)
As a kind of mature industrial ceramics, we are supplying for global suppliers of honeycomb ceramic of European and American multinational companies in China.
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