Sell horizontal permanent magnet generator for wind turbine

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We have successfully producing many genertor for europe. Please find the information as below for your interest.
Alternatively, We are more than pleased to customise a design for the client to enable a perfect fit to their system requirements. This can be a modification based on one of our existing designs or one could be developed for you from scratch.

Model Rated power W Rated voltage V Rated current A Rated rotated speed rpm Startup torque N*M Efficiency
FF-300W/400r/DC28V 300 DC28 10.7 400 <0.35 >75%
FF-500W/360r/DC56V 500 DC56 8.93 360 <0.55 >78%
FF-600W/360R/DC56V 600 DC56 10.7 360 <0.65 >78%
FF-1KW/360r/DC56V 1K DC56 17.9 360 <1.2 >80%

We have much experience in permanent magnet generator, we can do customize generator for customer also. this generator is special for wind turbine water turbine and so on, high performance, with over 20years no loss for magnets.
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