Sell hose test stand

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 For impulse test on automobile steering hose, brake hose, air-conditioner hose, fuel pipe, cooling water pipe, radiator hose, heater hose, air filter hose, turbo, Booster system hose , engineering hydraulic hose, aerospace hose & hose assemblies, other pipes or end fittings , heat exchanger , air conditioner, filter, etc
Technical data:
 Max impulse pressure: 70Mpa (Accuracy: 0.1Mpa)
 Test waveform: Basic Square Waveform, T Waveform, Triangle Waveform, Sine Waveform *(Optional)
 Frequency: 0~1.5Hz (Depends on the total volume & physical character. )
 Ambient temperature: Normal Temp or -40~150130
 Medium temperature: Normal Temp~150130 or -40~150130
 Test pieces: 2-8 pcs (Depends on the total volume & physical character. )
 Test medium: Hydraulic oil or DOT
 Pulsing cycles: >10 million cycles
 Test waveform: Basic Square Waveform, T Waveform, Triangle Waveform, Sine Waveform *(Optional)
 Mounting mode: 1800 or 900 (As per the standard)
 PC console: customized size
 Power station :1800mmW1200mmW1600mm
 Test Chamber:1500mmW900mmW1000mm
 Fully automated test stand with high speed data acquisition system.
 History screen and real-time display of pressure-time curves.
 Test data saved automatically when emergency or power down happens accidently.
 Multi-samples can be tested independently at a time.
 From the control theory to the quality, advanced electrical components guarantee high test precision and stability.
 IVS test software is programmable, stable and reliable.
 Automatic pressure maintaining reduced the working time of motor and pressurizing section, enhanced the stability, life time and pressure precision of whole testing system.
 Equipment features overpressure/overload protection.
 Auto stop testing when a rupture occurs, prevent the operators and equipment from damages to the utmost.
 Automatically drain the air off remained in the test specimen at the beginning of the test.
 Providing with various of fixtures to satisfy the connecting of hose and hose assemblies.
 Installing distance adjustable freely as per hoses'minimum bend radius and test standards.
Impulse test with flexing or without flexing. *(Optional)