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Special traits of CALCA hot air welder machine:

1. Auto-cooling system
2. Temperature display screen
3. Auto Proof -electricity-leaking system
4. Customized Temperature-Setting System
5. Longer lasting Heater 50,000 hours

A. Environment protecting. With the development of modern techniques and science, the importance of environment-protecting has aroused more and more people?s awareness, which means a new trend in the future. With only daily-used power, it can work in the whole capacity. No chemical substrate is produced at all for it only intenerates the plastic. You can work in a very safe atmosphere.

B. Labor saving. Instead of using human labors to process the welding procession, we employ the electricity power at low cost, providing a high Productivity

C.5. Safe protecting system. It uses auto-protecting system for electricity leaking and auto-adjusting thermometer in the heater.
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