Sell hot fix motif

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The symbol of love!

Beautiful and ingenious design maus be of intrest to you !

The metrials consisting this motif conclud AA rhinestone and AA nail head!

You can iron it on your bag or cloth. or you can send it to your friens as a gift!

About the steps of ironing it , please do it as following,

1. Wash and dry garment to remove any sizing
2. Set your iron on polyester setting. Preheat iron, NO STEAM.
3. Iron the garment; press well to remove all wrinkles.
4. Position the transfer on the garment. The color design should be facing you (Plastic on Front) . Cover the transfer with a sheet of paper.
5. Iron the transfer, pressing VERY firmly and steadily, constantly moving the iron back and forth for 15 seconds. DO NOT MOVE THE IRON IN CIRCULAR MOTIONS.
6. IMPORTANT: Allow transfer to cool completely.
7. Seal the edges (remove sheet of paper and iron firmly along each edge for 5 seconds each.

I hope I can help you a little bu using it and welcome to connect with me !