Sell humditiy sensor module MHR1B1

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The MHR1B1 humidity sensor module is designed by Ningbo Junrong Electron. This product with characteristics of stable, best price, good crossing-over and with temperature retrieves performance. It is also ideal to measure temperature and humidity in air-conditioning, dehumidifier, humidifier.

1. Application:
Air-conditioning, dehumidifier, humidifierr, Electron, pharmaceutical industry, food processing, warehouses, tobacco, textile, weather, libraries and museum.

2. Specification
(1) Power supply (vin) DC 5V+/-5%
(2) consume current 1.6mA (max 3mA)
(3) Temperature operating range 0 ~ 50
(4) Humidity operating range under 95%RH(non dew)
(5) Humidity measuring range 25 ~ 90%RH
(6) Temperature storing range 0 ~ 70
(7) Humidity storing range lower 95%RH (non dew)
(8) Humidity measuring Accuracy +/-5%RH ( at 25, 60%RH vin=5.0V) Output 1815-2145mV
(10) Temperature dependence (reference) +/-5%RH (vin=5.00V DC, 40-80%RH, at 25, 0-50)
(11) Voltage dependence (reference) +/-5%RH (at 25, 40-80%RH, 5V DC, 4.75-5.25V)
(12) measure: 28*18*8mm
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