Sell hummer residential wind generator-2kw

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"Product Information
Model: 2kw
H-3.8-2kw residential Wind Generator which features high efficiency and low rated wind speed introducing several patented technologies and some special materials. All of the wind generators are matched with wind-solar hybrid inverter controller, which can connect solar panel within 1000w simultaneously. Please contact us for the detail
The off-grid residential wind generator is matched with 10pcs 12VDC batteries in series, and on-grid system can connect to state grid. Fuse Parameters of batteries and solar panels are 500V, 30A.

Well used in:
 Telecommunications Station
 TV Transfer Station
 Monitoring Station (military, hydrology, observatory)
 Water-pumping Station

Technical Parameter
Rated power(W) 2000
Maximum output power (W) 3200
Charging voltage (V) DC 120V
Blade quantity 3
Rotor blade material GRP
Rotor blade diameter (m) 3.8
Start-up wind speed (m/s) 3.0
Rated wind speed (m/s) 9.0
Rated rotating rate (r/min) 450
Wind energy utilizing ratio (Cp) 0.45
Generator output single-phase
frequency conversion AC
Rated charging current (A) 15
The maximum charging current (in a short time ) (A) 28
output AC frequency (Hz) 0~370
Generator efficiency >0.8
Tower diameter(mm) #118X4
Tower height(m) 10
The weight of generator(kg) 25
Battery 12V 150Ah/200Ah 10pcs