Sell hydraulic vane pump cartridges

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We manufature a series vane pump cartridges which are high interchangeable with genuine producs such as Vickers cartridges, Caterpillar cartridges, Yuken cartridges, SQP pump cartridges, Denison Cartridges etc.

All Series of our cartridges are like below: Vickers VQ/V vane pump cartridge kits: 20VQ/V, 25VQ/V, 35VQ/V, 45VQ/V; Caterpillar Cartridges; Vickers V10 & V20 cartridge kits, Yuken PV2R cartridges, SQP cartridges, Denison T6C, T6D cartridges. With our cartridges, you will feel ease about vane pump remanufacturing and repairing.