Sell hydrogen generator--large type--QL-2000---factory supply

hydrogen generator--large type--QL-2000---factory supply You May Also Be Interested In: desiccants hydrogen generator
High purity hydrogen from this kind of hydrogen generator is produced by physical adsorption and chemical treatment, and its purity is higher than 99.9995%.

Technical Characteristics

The series of products, producing highly pure hydrogen by utilizing SPE technology to electrolyze pure water (without adding alkali) , are light, high efficient, energy-saving, and environmental protection. They are advanced technology patented products.

Structural Features

Zero polar distance and highly active SPE catalytic electrodes are used
Plural-electrode and multiunit electrolysis cell structure with excellent chemical technological process properties of the mass and heat transfer
Best choice of materials for multi-electrode and pluralist electrolysis cell with excellent properties of electrochemistry, corrosion resistance and bearing deactivation
Complete, mature and credible automatic control system
Functions and Characteristics

Electrolysis of pure water(without adding alkali) to produce hydrogen with no corrosion and pollution, and the purity of hydrogen is extremely high
Cell voltage is low, purification of hydrogen is high, cycle of changing desiccants is long
Small electrolytic current, large output of hydrogen and voltage increasing quickly(3 to 5 minutes)
Hydrogenation is produced with stable pressure and output, output of hydrogenation can be controlled according to the requirements, and automatic control technology is perfect and reliable
Stable hydrogen pressure, stable current output, track with the using hydrogen automatically, and credibly automatic protection technology when there are deaquation, overpressure and water-jet
Little noise (the fan needn't to work when use the generator)
The electrolysis efficiency is high , and power consumption is less
Excellent seal performance
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