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Hydroxylamine hydrochloride
M. F. : NH2OH HCl M. W. : 69.5

Physical and chemical property:White crystal, deliquescence, specific gravity(170)1.67. Melting point 1520, dissolvable in water, acetic acid, glycerin, indissolvable in aether.

Usage:This product is mainly used as reducer and developer. During organic synthesis, it can be employed to make oxime and material for the compound of anticancer medicine(hydroxyurea) , sulphonamide (sulfamethoxazole) and pesticide(Medorwy) . It is also widely adopted to electroanalysis as depolarizer and the synthetic rubber industry as non-coloring short-term stopper.

Product index:Q/ZXH003-2001

Item\Grade First Grade Top Grade
Content >=98% >=99%
Sulfate <=0.01% <=0.008%
Heavy Metal <=0.0005% <=0.0005%
Iron salts <=0.0010% <=0.0005%
Moisture <=0.5% <=0.3%
Appearance White Crystalline White Crystalline

Paper-barrel, plastic woven sack(inner-lining film sack) . 50KG
Plastic woven sack(inner-lining film sack) . 25KG.