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We're searching for importers of hygienic products as cotton-wool, cosmetic remover cotton-wool discs, sanitary napkins, tampons, ear cleaning sticks, baby diapers, incontinence diapers for adults. Please ask for details by e-mail!
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Loligo Squid
Our main focus is to provide the best choice of healthy, tasty and hygienic products but with the most competitive price that most of customers can afford. Our dedicated international trade staff has adequate experience and could offer you best servi....

Release Paper Jumbo Roll
Release paper, also called silicone oil paper/anti sticking paper, mainly used on isolation of viscous objects. Most common used as single and double sided tape isolation protection. Product Structure: --Release coating --Barrier coating --Paper ....

Brazil Dirp Coffee Bag Packing Machine
//Brief Introduction: // 1) Automatic multi-function packaging forming machine; 2) Suitable for coffee powder/ground coffee; 3) Inner drip bag is by heat sealing; 4) Food grade filter paper drip bag; with outer envelope; 5) High quality with ....

Colombia Dirp Coffee Packaging Machine
//Brief Introduction:// 1) Automatic multi function packaging forming machine; 2) Coffee powder/Ground coffee; 3) Ultrasonic sealing; 4) Inner drip bag; Filter paper; with outer envelope; 5) High quality with international brand-name parts. ....

FABREX - PP Nonwoven Fabric Making Machines
Rajoo pioneered developments in PP Non woven fabric extrusion and has emerged as the only Indian supplier with production capacity ranging from 200 to 500kg/hr and fabric weight range from 12 to 150 gsm depending on applications. Nonwoven fabrics ....

Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive This product selects the high-molecular compound as main material and the product also blends with other auxiliaries. It is used for Disposable hygienic products of toilet paper, sanitary towel, napkin-pants, ad....

Coca cola 330ml and other Beverages
Brand Distribution Ltd sells branded Beverages; Coca cola, Sprite, Fanta, Pepsi, Nescafe, cosmetics, Diapers, Hygienic products, and many more branded products.
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Detergent Ariel 3kg
Detergent Ariel in plastic bag of 3kg, We sell other branded detergents like, Persil, Vizir Omo and Bonux among cosmetics, beverages, hygienic products, diapers and, foodstuff.
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Baby Diaper
We can supply high quality disposable baby diaper from Turkey. Our Hygienic Products Factory which is one of the recent investments of our group has been producing diapers and hygienic pads since 1996. Our brand is manufactured using the lates....
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