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Hypophosphorous acid
Molecular Formula: H3PO2
Molecular: 66.0
Property: The pure form of this product is a colorless crystal with the density of (190C)1.493 and the melting point of 26.50C. It can be mixed with water in any proportions. Being a strong reducer, it can be mixed with water in any proportion, and it is easily oxidized in air. If the anhydrous acid is heated to 130-1400C, it will be decomposed into PH3 and H3PO4 .
Item Specification
Hypophosphorous acid (H3PO2) Content, % >= 50.0
Phosphorous acid (H3PO3) Content, % <= 0.3
Iron (Fe) Content, % <= 0.0005
Chloride (Calculated as Cl) Content, % <= 0.015
Sodium(Na) Content, % <= 0.05
Sulfate(Calculated as SO4 ) Content, % <= 0.015
Arsenic (As) Content, % <= 0.0001
Lead (Pb) Content, % <= 0.0005
Chroma(Hazen) 30
Relative Density(200C) 1.210-1.226

1. As antioxidant and color-reducing agent for alkyd resin
2. As reducer
3. In the manufacture of sodium hypophosphite, calcium hypophosphite, manganese hypophosphite, iron hypophosphite etc.
Storage: Hermetically sealed in storage.
Package: In PVC drum with the net capacity of 25 kg.