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OMNISWIFT. iPBX 2120/2240
Voice over Internet integrated turnkey system

OMNISWIFT. IP-PBX runs on the Linux operating system, using generic computer hardware and various telephony cards.

Serving as Internet Access Device (IAD) OMNISWIFT. IP-PBX connects with the PSTN (analogue and digital access) and interconnects with standard VoIP protocols: IAX2, H323 and SIP. It supports up-to 120 switched voice circuits in PABX mode and up to 20,000 when used as a main network SIP server. It connects to FXO lines from 1 to 24 or to one to 4x E1. It has all traditional PBX functions, such as: Music on Hold, Auto-Attendant, voice-mail, multi party conferencing, forwarding, etc.

OMNISWIFT. IP-PBX can be used without specialized telephony hardware because it can use soft and hard IP phones, generic sound cards for audio and standard Ethernet cards, hubs and routers for networking. This includes standard Cat 5, gigabit LANs, wireless, optical fibre, satellites or any medium that can support IP.

OMNISWIFT. IP-PBX can use any IP phone, which uses a standard protocol, and is even able to use the Cisco. SCCP protocol. OMNISWIFT. IP-PBX can connect to PSTN devices and GSM or CDMA networks through channel banks or E1 trunks and devices. OMNISWIFT. IP-PBX also connects to simple analogue subscriber lines and standard analogue telephone sets via PCI cards.

OMNISWIFT. IP-PBX has all the well known PBX features built into it, including:
7 auto attendant,
7 IVR (Interactive Voice Response) ,
7 least cost routing,
7 sophisticated Voicemail with email message forwarding,
7 music on hold,
7 recorded announcements,
7 overhead paging,
7 talking company directory,
7 call transfer,
7 intelligent call forwarding
7 intelligent call-back,
7 queues management
7 ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) with local and remote agents,
7 SMS,
7 advanced Conferencing,
7 Access control,
7 protocol conversion,
7 Bridging and many other features.

The dial plan is very powerful and flexible so that many users may implement their own special features.

Also there is an AGI (Applications Gateway Interface) which allows any scripting language to be used with OMNISWIFT. IP-PBX dial plan to implement further features.

OMNISWIFT. IP-PBX generate CDRs (Call Detail Records) and has an integrated Billing system. It can generate PIN numbers for prepaid cards applications, Voice IVR account information and real time billing. It also produce billing for each extension.

Network Management System (NMS) : a console which may be accessed on the machine in which OMNISWIFT. IP-PBX runs, or may be accessed remotely allow for full management and supervision. This allows maintenance, trouble shooting and software upgrade of OMNISWIFT. IP-PBX server any place on the planet from any other place as long as there is an Internet connection.

OMNISWIFT. IP-PBX console displays console messages depending on a verbosity setting and will answer queries pertaining to the status of channels, peers and resource usage.

OMNISWIFT. IP-PBX has now proven itself as a reliable solution for small and large businesses and even carriers. It is robust, versatile and holds great promise for future expansion
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Pmniswift iPBX