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1. ice pack : with freezing function gel inside; provides a unique contribution to athletic and medical injury prevention and therapy through the design of anatomically correct compression units which incorporate state-of-the-art, long lasting cold elements.
2. freeze ice pack: strong plastic box, with freezing function gel inside; keep food and others in cold temperature for 24-48hours.
3. can cooler/bottle cooler: Bottle coolers have two functions: Keep summer wines or beer refreshingly cool and keep winter wines or beer warm in winter before drink.
4. instant ice pack: Instant ice packs are disposable products. For pain relief apply cold immediately after an injury to reduce the blood flow to the injury and combat swelling. Chemically activated cooling ideal for aches and sprains can be used on sporting injuries etc. Instant cold pack for immediate, effective cooling.
Ice Pack - Freeze the pack and keep Beer, Wine & other Frozen Food cold at Picnic, Camping & Fishing or use it as Cold Compress.
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