Sell independent sequin device system for Tajima, SWF embroidery machine

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Richpeace Independent sequin device system is initially designed to upgrade existing Tajima embroidery machines to sequin embroidery machine. It only needs two easy-to-obtain singals from the embrodiery machine: Encoder signal and jumping solenoid signal/motor signal. Moreover it adopts it own independent control system, keeping the contol system of the embroidery machine intact. no other ways are more reliable and safer than this!
Main Functions & Features:

* Suitable for Tajima, SWF, Happy, Richpeace, and all brands made in China;

* Adopting independent control system ensures higher reliability and stability;

* To change sequin working size from 3-9mm without request to change any parts of device

* Higher Working speed up to 1000rpm

* Auto/manual tread trimming, auto/manual mending embroidery

* Up-Down sequin device automatically or manually, individual head embroidering, individual head lock

* Simple installation & Adjustment

* Powerful Technical support, free installation& adjustment demo CD, online or door to door training