Sell indirect thermosiphon solar system

indirect thermosiphon solar system
Thermosiphon solar collectors provides mains pressure pre-heating via a high efficiency copper coil heat exchanger located within the solar collector tank. The way in which the Mains Pressure solar collector heats water is the same as the Non pressure solar collector. Rather than using the water in the tank directly, as the Non pressure does, the type uses a 45 ~ 60m copper coil
Copper Coil Heat Exchanger Specifications
HE Material 14mmW1.0mm copper pipe
HE Surface Area 2.5m2 for 30 tube water heater
HE Testing Pressure 9 bar
HE net weight 22kg for 30 tube water heater

MODEL Lighting vacuum tube Qty. per20'/40' Container
(m2) diameter length tube
SHITS58/20 2.88 58mm 1800mm 20 32/65
SHITS58/24 3.46 58mm 1800mm 24 30/62
SHITS58/30 4.32 58mm 1800mm 30 24/50
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