Sell indoor led display

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Being a newly developed hi-tech product of the present age, our indoor displays have an incomparable advantage over the more traditional media devices. Already used widely in administrative organizations and operational settings, our indoor LED displays are extremely
useful for promoting a company's image and notoriety. This product is fully capable of broadcasting every facet of a wide range of organizational events, including its atmosphere.

Range of Functionality:
Our indoor displays are ideal for use in trade centers, auction halls, signal centers, conference centers, talent search agencies, stock exchanges, airports, bus stations, shipping docks, entertainment-related establishments, dining industries, transportation, hospital, communication, electric power, industrial tax, courtrooms, governmental organizations, television stations, electric advertisement, banks, postal communication, factory, corporate offices,
meeting rooms, gas stations, lobbies and display systems for special events.

Display Colors:
Multi-color: Red, green and blue are the three primary colors, capable of displaying full color physical images.

Two-color: Red and green are the two primary colors, capable of displaying red, green, yellow and black.

One color: Capable of displaying red and black.

Miscellaneous Characteristics:
Their control system uses the first domestic giga-network, with a transmission distance of 130m.