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Medium frequency induction heating machine:frequency:1.5-20KHZ
1. series resonance medium frequency frequency:3-20KHZ
2. parallel resonance medium frequency frequency :1.5-8KHZ
Application: big diameter shaft quenching or heating depth required >3mm shaft quenching, standard parts forged piece heating before forging. hardware tool heating before forging, steel tube through heating, drill bit welding, metallic parts shrink fitting, and so on.
Type of machine:XZ-40, XZ-50, XZ-60, XZ-80, XZ-100, XZ-120, XZ-160, XZ-250, XZ-300, XZ-400, XZ-500

Example :
1. standard parts, fastener through heating before forging, oxic horizon little.
the lead manufacturer in china fastener line, Gem-Year Industrial Co. , Ltd use our machine.
2. depth of quenching required more than 3mm, more than 8mmshaft quenching.
3. steel tube necking down, fire-fighting apparatus and materials, gas-tank,
oxygen bottle, dia. 40mm-150mm-250mm, large-scale elbowtube end expansion.
4. excavatorshovel head quenching
5. large-scale drill bit, cutting-tool welding
6. mallet alloy, red copper annealing, welding
7. metal smelting
8. gear, chain wheel quenching
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