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Operation Principle
Heat-speedy electromagnetism water heater accords to magnetic field and vortex heat principle. The heater's ektexine windings will cause magnetic field when electric current passes; Magnetic field will cause lots of small vortex when it passes the heater; Small vortex will cause the heater heat rapidly, which makes the water in heater warm and rising temperature.

Products Characteristics
Safety----the heater gives off heat through the induction of outer walls magnetic field, it is not connected with power circuit, so it really realize the separation of power and water, and it is installed with multi-layer protective devices to ensure security of application.
Energy Saving----Its original-created structure of electromagnetic inner heating enables it to heat quickly, and there is no need of advance heating and heat preservation by power, 10 seconds after starting heater, it can be put into use. Its electric energy can be fully used with its thermal efficiency over 99%, which exceed nearly 20% in contrast to trade standard. Comparing with ordinary water heater, it can save power and water 20% to 30%.
Convenience----during application, opening water supply automatically gets through power supply, and closewater automatically shut off the power. Its frame is small and dedicate, thus it is easy to install and can be simply operated. It can supply the water in multiway, and will not produce any scum during a long-term application. It adopts microcomputer control, digital display and 8-grade power adjustment, so it can have a stable temperature and can be used continuously without limitation of time and water volume.
Environment----this heater will not create any harmful waste gas during work it wont consume any indoor oxygen, create any noise, and create influence to surroundings. It is a non-polluted green environmental product and conforms to current world tide.
Health----This heater makes use of induction of magnetic field, when it heats water, at the same time, it will conduct magnetization and softening to water, therefore, it can improve the water activity. It is heater that owns a function of creating magnetic water. Magnetic water has the functions of antibiosis and strengthen human immunity. (For the functions that magnetic water plays on the human body. Please refer to other scientific books and relevant press reports)
Note:digital displayer for temperature and grade, high and low temperature contoller and power switch, all use the slight touch button. have regulator for water outlet, the operation is personalized.
Model Rated power supply Rated power Rated flow volume Ammeter capacity Section of power wire Max
DSK-50 AC220V
50hz 0--5Kw/8 grade adjustable 3--6L/min 10(20) A >=2.5mm2 Max 60C0
DSK-70 AC220V
50hz 0--7Kw/8 grade adjustable 3--6L/min 20(40) A >=4mm2 Max 60C0
Power Requirements