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Features :

High Q over a wide frequency range.
Jacket with a high temperature material which assures mechanical stability and very close tolerance .
Forms a flat top making them suitable for automatic placement and reflow .
Tinned leads assure reliable soldering.
Standard EIA tape and reel packing.
Ordering Information :

Type: Surface Mount Type Spring Coils.
Style : L=3.86 mm W=3.05mm H=3.18mm.
Inductance : 18N5 for 18.5 nH.
Inductance tolerance : J :+5% ; K :+10%.
Inductance and rated current ranges:

SMTSC0403 2.50~18.5nH 4.0A
SMTSC0703 17.5~43.0nH 4.0A
SMTSC0504 22.0~120nH 3.0~1.5A
SMTSC1006 90.0~538nH 3.5~2.0A

Test equipments:
L&Q : HP4291B with HP16193A test fixture.
DCR : Milli-ohm meter.
SRF : HP8753D network analyzer.

Electrical specifications at 25oC.

Characteristics :
Rated DC current : Based on the temperature rise not exceeding 15oC.
Operating temperature : -40oC to 125oC.
Applications :
Satellite communication systems.
TVs and audio equipment.
Microwave equipment.
Band pass equipment.
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