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Flat woven webbing sling is woven with weaving machine for one time, and processed in the different stitching methods, it can be divided into single, double, three and four-ply flat woven webbing sling. Morevoer it can be used the strengthed eye and eye on its ends to improve its strength. Its standard tonnage can be distinguished throught the color, and the different load tonnage can also be distinguished as its width. when lifting, it can provide the wide and smooth loading surface, especially applies to the articles with the soft surface. And if necessary, the processed with lacquer. Flat woven webbing sling made from polyester can not cause sparkle if it is used under the hazardous and explosive environment. In addition, its low extending property can decrease the bound of load in the course of lifting, avoid damage from the shocking strength. At the same time, make codes for the dyeing colors of sling and suggest the simple and correct methods for loading, which is well convenient for our lifting user.