Sell industrial ceramic

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Trend Aofu honeycomb ceramic has excellent properties as low coefficient of thermal expansion, high specific surface area, great thermal stability, resistance to acid and alkali etc, which are applicable to extensive industrial process.
Trend Series of new material honeycomb ceramic products takes the key part in environment protecting industry, which includes industrial exhaust gas, waste water, incinerators, RTO, RCO etc. At the same time, it is the optimal material of heat exchanger, gas stove etc.
Trend exported honeycomb ceramic to many countries such as USA, Japan, German, Korea, India, Singapore etc. and all get the excellent performance.
 Heat storage and exchange system in metallurgy, chemical industry, construction material.
 Industrial waste gases treatment
NOx reduction system for flue gas in electricity plant.
Exhaust cleaning system of waste incinerators.
Noxious gas purifying in chemical industry and mining.
 Extruded ceramic filter for foundry industry.
 Catalyst Supports.
 Catalytic Converter Substrate.
 Column packing in chemical industry.