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. Material--colorful steel plate
The door panel layers are made of metal plates which are galvanized steel plates painted with pure polyester powder and with strong anti-corrosion. The thickness of steel plate is normally 0.326mm and also can be chosen as 0.286mm 0r 0.376mm by the size of door holes and the actual functions of doors.

2. The surface treatment of the steel plate
The surface has been processed with wood grain and anaglyph by grain machines which make the door panels with tridimensional structure. The different powder spray makes the door panel with strong impression of anaglyph. It not only increases the strength but also beautify the appearance. The color is usually white which can be in harmony with the surroundings and maintain the internal light of garage doors beam bright and soft.

3. The inside of door panels
The panel is filled with polyurethane foam with a high density of over 50 kg per stere which is far beyond the trade standard 38 kg per stere. (This kind of material is a worldwide material with good heat insulation and temperature preservation. The heat preservation parameter is 7.5 and has a good insulation as well.
A strengthened steel bar with a thickness of 2 mm is placed at the position where there will be installed with a hinge and which will help increase the intensity of door body.

4. The structure of door panel
The thickness of door panel is around 40mm and its width and height are decided by customers. The bottom of doors is installed with tube rubber with a good hermetical property which can endure slightly uneven ground and separated from wind, rain and sunshine. The differential pressure of single door leaf is 20Pa with no wind leakage and that of composite door leaf is 40Pa with no wind leakage.
The door panel will ensure the color will not fade and the lacquer will not drop within ten years under a perfect condition.

5. The open and shut drive of door leafs
There is no wobble, shake during the opening and shut of door leaf. It can move smoothly. Noise of opening and shut is no more than 50dB. The professional balance design of torsion spring make it is much easier to rebound when the door meets barriers. The door will rebound by 20cm at once when meeting barriers (The percussive force is no more than 30N) . The strength will be no more than 50N when open and shut manually.

6. Hardwares of the garage door
All of the hardwares are made of galvanized steel plate with high strength and good anti-corrosion. The track is also made of homemade galvanized steel plate with best quality which has smooth lines and free slippage. The pulleys are made of engineering plastic Mylar with good wearable property and free slippage.
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200000 SQM per year
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220 volts, 50 hz
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FOB or cif
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one year