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Industrial packaging
Our products in industrial packaging area are mainly applied in packaging industrial products which need oxygen or other gas obstacles, for example EPE, etc.
HIGH-OBSTRUCT:Different material have different obstruct. Co-extrusion films can combined with different characteristic of variety kind material at same time. Co-extrusion film can extrude the excellence of material and let the disadvantage of material bottom out. Our film can obstruct oxygen, water, CO2, and odor.

LOW-COST:Company with glass packing and aluminum foil packing, it has low cost, and same effect.

SMALL-BULK:Co-extrusion film can use vacuum packing. Cubage rate are nearly 100%

HIGH-STRENGTH:When process Co-extrusion film, film were be haul-off. As this characteristic, Co-extrusion film has high-strength, we also can add PA, metallocene etc. , let film has more strength than normal film.

Main thickness scope: over 50um
Product structure: PE/PE/TIE/PA/TIE/PE/PE,
Main packaging specification: 25/750/1000kg
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