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Why Pump Nitrogen Into Tire
The blown out of tire contributes to a large part of road accident, especially in summer. 46% of road accidents are caused by the malfunction of tires, according to statistics. As an old saying put it: Pressure is the life of tire, and High temperature is the major killer to tire. Abnormal high and low pressure can both cause continual distortion of tires, and high temperature caused by it can deteriorate the tires, fray their surface, and make them more easily to blown out. So, keep the pressure steady is the key to avoid blowing out.
Nitrogen is a kind of noble gas, dry and clean, largely exists in air. It wont be affected by changes of outside temperature. The pressure within the tires keeps steady after being pumped with N2, . Especially while running in high speed, the tires distort and deteriorate more, and high temperature causes danger in certain extend. Nitrogen has low expansion factor, and doesnt easily permeate and leak. Thus improve a lot the safety in driving.
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