Sell infrared ceramic board

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Honeycomb ceramic as the infrared combustion ceramic plate is made by the high purity cordierite material and used in the gas-fired stove. This product has good thermal shock resistance ( no cracks on the product if the honeycomb ceramic with 1000 0 is in the water with 20 0 for 3 times ) , high mechanical strength ( crushing strength is 20MPa on the top and 5MPa on the side) , good endurance for high temperature, high resistance for erosion. If coated with a black catalyst, the honeycomb ceramic can transfer the heat by infrared radiation style and this combustion style has more outstanding advantages comparing to the normal gas-fired stove combustion as below:
Saving gas more than 22%
Making Inflammable combustion
Decreasing the CO and NOx poisonous gas disposal and remove the factor for harm human bodys health.
Operating safety without by wind influence when operating in outdoors.