Sell infrared portable sauna

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Infared sauna room from china
Functtions of infrared sauna:
Improving micro-circulation
Regulating the nervous system
Double regulation
Enhancing the immunity function
Benefits ofinfrared sauna:
Treatment or auxiliary treatment. Speeding recovery.
Strengthening functions of kidneys, intestines, stomach and heart.
Easing fatigue and enhancing vigor.
Replenishing physical stamina.
Relieving stress and insomnia.
Solution for lack of exercise and rest.
Weight control.
Skin care.

High temperature enduring plastic panel supporting
Easy foldable, set up
Light wieght:5.5kgs
Product size:height-96cm, Width:70cm, Length:80cm
Six temperature setting
Timer control:5-30 minutes
Small Hand holder controller for convinient operation