Sell infrared sauna cabin india sauna

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1. Voltage: 110v or 220v
2. Material: Hemlock
3. Designed for 4 persons
4. Detoxify and lose weight
5. Enjoy radiant and youthful skin
6. Find relief from pain
7. Healthy for your heart
8. Reduce unsightly cellulite
9. Wake up your immune system and combat the effects of daily stress
10. Enhance other treatment and exercise
11. Increases blood circulation
12. Ease joint pain and stiffness
13. Remove stress and fatigue
14. CD player with high quality speakers
15. Dome light with brightness adjustable
16. Floor and ceiling vent for air circulation
17. Tempered glass windows
18. High quality ceramic infrared heated
19. Digital temperature and time control inside and out
20. Bench seating
21. Low operating cost
22. Beautiful and luxurious appearance, more exquisite craft
23. More luxurious and beautiful fitting
24. Comfortable backrest and beach seating
25. Portable, disassembles as easy as it assembles, assembly takes approximately 20 minutes without any tool