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A conventional sauna must rely only on indirect means of heat: Komate bio spectrum sauna, on convection (air currents) and then, conduction (direct contact of hot air with the skin) to produce its heating effect on us. In a Healthy bio-spectrum sauna, over 80% bio-spectrum available to be directly converted to heat within our bodies. Thus a Komate bio-spectrum sauna can warm its user or users) to a much greater depth and much more efficiently than a conventional sauna, as its energy output is primarily used to convert energy directly to heat in us and not to create excessively hot air that then only heats the skin superficially. This crucial difference explains many of the unprecedented benefits reported to be available through and Komate bio-spectrum sauna that are not attainable the use of a conventional sauna.

Far infrared sauna Benefits:
Improves the immune system;
Burns calories and controls weight;
Removes toxins and mineral waste;
Relieves pain;
Increases blood circulation and strengthens the cardiovascular system;
Clears cellulite;
Eases joint pain and stiffness;
Reduces stress and fatique;
Inprove skin
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250 Per Month
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110 or 240 volts
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FOB, CIF , C&26F
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