Sell infrared sauna

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1. Voltage: 110v or 220v
2. Material: Hemlock
3. Designed for a small space
4. Detoxify and lose weight
5. Enjoy radiant and youthful skin
6. Find relief from pain
7. Healthy for your heart
8. Reduce unsightly cellulite
9. Wake up your immune system and combat the effects of daily stress
10. Enhance other treatment and exercise
11. Increases blood circulation
12. Ease joint pain and stiffness
13. Remove stress and fatigue
14. Completely changes the traditional product's philosophy and model of design
15. wooden handicraft, portable and folding design, light and convenient to place and transport, no occupying space, can be used instantly as soon as being opened
16. on the basis of traditional infrared hearter, increased frequency spectrum board, heating is more equal and efficient
17. Latest model for 2006
18. Wholesale or OEM orders welcome