Sell injection mould - in-mold labeling

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The In-Mould-Labelling technology is using the special label sending system. We adopt the electrostatic theory and vacuum suction theory, then send the plastic products and the material & quality slide flat impression label into the mould cavities. After injection, the impression paper is fused with the trouble of taking the finished products to reproduce (impression the produces) , have solved the problems of multidimensional and abnormity side print, keep from the pollution in reproduce, shorten the time to produce, and reduce the cost of production, also provide the technology safeguard for quality, safe and environment protection of produces. The In-Mould-Labelling technics is wellknown for its unique technology, and has been abroad spreaded and applied in Weston developed country. Ningbo ToPan Maunfactruing Co. Ltd, . has already possessed such techonlogy. We habe reserched and debeloped the label sending system, also have various specification of In-Mould-Lebelling mould and its matched devices.
Creation is a great pushing force for the TOPAN company. We pay attention to any researches on new production endlessly, and employ persons with ability, and use new design software. We ensure the condition for developing high-technology productions. Under the effort of technology team, we have developed moulds with band founded inside, moulds to make very thin plastic, moulds with hot multi-port channels, double color moulds, and multi-color moulds. Furthermore, the moulds with band founded inside have applied for patent successfully, and TOPAN becomes the only company that owns this technoly in china.